BOTANIST means “plant scientist”.
At BOTANIST, we focus on conditioning the hair and skin with the blessing of plants.
We aim to create products that are friendly to the environment as well as to our hair.

[Moist] is recommended to those who:

  • have thick, tough hair
  • have damaged hair and are concerned about dry, rough hair
  • wish to reduce hair volume from the roots.
  • wish for their hair to stay sleek all the way to the tips

[Smooth] is recommended to those who:

  • desire to add volume to their hair from the roots
  • have fine or soft hair that becomes tangled easily
  • wish to run their fingers smoothly through their hair

For others who find [Moist] is too moisturizing, while [Smooth] is not enough, a combination use of [Moist] shampoo and [Smooth] treatment is advisable.

BOTANIST products have high moisture-retention properties and combine many repairing elements. When you have healthy hair, some oiliness may be experienced.
Excessive application may also be a contributing factor. Even with a little amount, there should be sufficient conditioning effect. Please try adjusting the amount of use.

When applying the treatment, start from halfway down your hair and continue to the hair ends. Please avoid direct application to the scalp or hair roots. After the application, massage your hair, then rinse thoroughly.

The expiration period is 3 years when unopened.

As the treatment is not a dedicated shampoo for recently colored hair use, color-fading inhibiting effect is not guaranteed. The soap ingredients in the shampoo are made of fatty acid similar to the natural sebum that lubricates the scalp, and many natural plant-derived, moisture-retaining factors are combined in the treatment.

Botanical Hair Oil contains a color fading inhibitor, so it is recommended for post-hair coloring use.

BOTANIST uses naturally derived ingredients.
However, whether suitable or unsuitable, allergic reactions and such depend on the person and other their conditions included.

Generally, children, infants are more susceptible to allergies than adults so that it is difficult to judge if use of the item is appropriate. This also goes to babies who have delicate skin.

If you are concerned, we recommend seeking medical advice prior to use. And should you have any allergic reaction to products, please avoid using the product further.

Pregnant or breastfeeding women can use BOTANIST without any problem.
However, the skin can become sensitive during those times. If any abnormality arises after use, please terminate use of the product.

Living with Plants; Botanical Lifestyle
Scalp Shampoo gently treats the scalp and hair. This product is recommended for those who are concerned about dry scalp, limp hair, but also want to experience a refreshing cleanliness.
With the gifts of plants, your hair will dazzle with its natural beauty. Double Fragrance Apricot & Jasmine radiates glamour.
Scalp: Apple & Lime fragrance
Smooth: Green Apple & Rose fragrance

Living with Plants; Botanical Lifestyle
Botanical shampoo will revive damaged hair and restore it to a light finish.
This product is recommended for those who have very fine or soft hair, who are concerned about limp hair, and who yearns for that sleek sensation of running your fingers through your hair.
With the gifts of plants, your hair will shine with its natural beauty. Double Fragrance Green Apple & Rose radiates glamour.
Scalp: Citrus & Musk fragrance
Smooth: Apple & Berry fragrance

[Smooth] is recommended to those who
・have fine, soft, easily tangled hair
・have damaged hair
・are concerned about limp hair
・like a refreshing, smooth, and dry post-treatment feeling

[Scalp] is recommended to those who:
・desire more volume on the hair from the roots
・are concerned about limp hair and hair loss
・are concerned about dry scalp, itchiness and clogged pores
like a refreshing after-shower feeling
Scalp treatment is targeting to develop scalp to a healthy and moisturized condition. While it has less effect of moisturizing hair than Smooth, you can apply it to the scalp directly due to the gentle scalp-friendly formula. Massaging scalp not only helps a good circulation of blood flow but also is beneficial for promoting absorption of the treatment.
If treating dry hair is prioritized issue, we recommend use of different variants together such as Scalp shampoo with Smooth treatment. Combining variants helps you having the ideal result.
Please be noticed some people may experience different results depending on the quality of their hair

It depends on the product.

As for shampoos, they are all silicone-free. The best cleansing ingredients (surfactants) are selected and combined in a balanced way so that even silicone-free products will not induce cuticle friction.

Regarding treatments, silicone is included except [Scalp] treatment. Water-soluble base silicone can be easily rinsed away to bring a rich, smooth finish.

No, BOTANIST shampoo and treatment do not contain any preservatives.

It contains silicone. It is oil based.

It is an ethanol-free and paraben-free product.

Hair Oil coats the hair and protects it from stimuli. It is high in moisture retention.
Hair Milk penetrates the hair shaft and reduces dryness and split hairs. It is high in water and moisture retention.

Hair Oil protects hair from external stimuli, whereas Hair Milk improves its moisture balance.

If hair is badly damaged, we recommend to condition it with Hair Milk and then coat it with Hair Oil. This procedure, pairing use will bring more effective results.
*Please avoid excessive use.